Equipment time

Some equipment is needed and the question is. Where do we start? Gin is a redistilled neutral spirit. Sounds simple enough. So a neutral spirit, what’s that? Many commerecial Gin Distilleries buy in a neutral spirit in bulk and away they go. Others make their own. Starting out we will make our own, starting off with grain (Bayley, Wheat, Oats) to “mash and distill into a Grain Neutral Spirit (GNS). Now come the buzzwords. Equipment needed: Grain Mill, Hot Liquor Tank (HLT), Mash Lauter Tun (MLT), Fermenter, and a Bubble Plate Reflux Column Still with a Gin Basket. What can we make and what should we buy? Starting small, Beer Kegs are the best place to start.

Our First Still and associated equipment